New year sees considerable drop in road accidents across Thailand

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The new year holiday period witnessed a significant drop in road accidents, with 212 fatalities and 1,860 injuries, according to statistics from the Department of Land Transport. The figures indicate a considerable decrease from the previous year, with the death toll and injury count originating from 1,839 traffic mishaps that occurred from December 29 to January 2.

Among the provinces, Bangkok reported the highest number of deaths, recording 15 fatalities, while Kanchanaburi province bore the brunt of most accidents, with 69 incidents and the highest number of injured individuals, tallying up to 73.

According to the Royal Thai Police Office, there has been a significant drop in comparison to last year’s figures. Notably, the number of fatalities fell by 23.19%, injuries decreased by 3.43%, and the overall accident count declined by 6.17%, reported Bangkok Post.

Speeding was identified as the main culprit in these accidents, accounting for a substantial 40.60% of the total. Other major causes included drivers cutting into lanes, which contributed to 23.31% of accidents, and drunk driving, responsible for 14.29% of the incidents.

In a rather concerning statistic, the police revealed that a staggering 68.85% of the victims involved in these accidents were not wearing any form of safety gear, such as crash helmets or seat belts. Motorcycles were involved in a whopping 87% of all traffic accidents during this period, highlighting the urgent need for stricter enforcement of safety norms.

In related news, the nationwide road safety campaign over the new year holidays, spanning from December 29 to January 4, experienced a substantial 385 road accidents on its second day alone. These incidents resulted in 404 injuries and claimed 37 lives, according to figures disclosed by Justice Minister Police Colonel Tawee Sodsong and the Road Safety Directing Centre.

Tak, a northern province, reported the highest number of accidents and injuries, both numbering 18. Bangkok, on the other hand, bore the brunt of fatalities, with four deaths. On an encouraging note, 37 provinces did not register any deaths. Read more about the spike in accidents across Thailand

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