NBTC crackdowns on unregistered SIM cards in Thailand

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Statistics disclosed to the National Broadcasting and Telecommunication Commission (NBTC) revealed that over half of those owning over 100 SIM cards in Thailand have reportedly registered themselves with operator AIS.

Amid a crackdown initiated by the NBTC in December to curb potential misuse, February 14 marked the deadline for individuals holding more than six SIM cards to authenticate their identities and provide usage details to service providers.

Data disclosed earlier unveils a startling reality: 64.8 million mobile phone users in Thailand possess a whopping 94.6 million SIM cards. Among these, 7,664 individuals stand out for owning over 100 SIM cards each, amounting to a staggering 6.1 million cards collectively.

To enforce compliance, the NBTC instructed all operators to suspend services for those failing to meet the verification deadline. This suspension encompassed outgoing calls, SMS messaging, and Internet usage, allowing only emergency calls in dire situations.

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The statistics further highlight the extent of compliance across major operators, with AIS leading the pack at 58.56%, followed by True-DTAC at 35%, and NT at 23.14%, reported The Nation.

In related news, AIS plans to transform its AIS Points programme into a cutting-edge platform with tailor-made privileges through collaboration with partners across diverse industries.

AIS customer and service management chief Jaiporn Srisakul explained that the revamped platform will cater to the individual lifestyles of its 49.1 million customers, employing data analytics to craft personalised privileges using the innovative earn-burn-excitement model based on accumulated points.

In other news, the Ministry of Digital Economy and Society (MDES) has unleashed a crackdown, suspending services for 13,237 SIM cards being misused to make over 100 calls daily.

Digital Economy and Society Minister Prasert Chantararuangthong revealed on January 25 that the suspension spree commenced on January 20 as a groundbreaking measure to tackle the escalating issue. Of the suspended cards, 7,344 were registered with DTAC, 4,196 with AIS, 1,688 with True, and nine with NT (National Telecom).

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