Nakhon Si Thammarat abbot charged with animal cruelty

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The abbot of a temple in Nakhon Si Thammarat is facing animal cruelty charges after reportedly hitting a stray dog with a stick, causing severe eye injuries. The 37 year old abbot Danai of Wat Chan Por in Tha Sala district, along with a 15 year old temple novice, identified only as A, voluntarily appeared at the Tha Sala Police Station to acknowledge the charges against them.

Yesterday at 11am, Abbot Danai, accompanied by his student and officials from the Nakhon Si Thammarat Office of Buddhism, met with Police Colonel Apichat Chansamret, the chief of Tha Sala Police Station. In the presence of local monastic leaders and officials, Abbot Danai confessed to the accusations, admitting to the act of animal cruelty he was charged with. The police took him into custody for further questioning.

The dog, named Nong Yon, sustained serious but non-fatal injuries. The Office of Buddhism and the local monastic hierarchy characterized the abbot’s actions as a minor moral failing, not a grave offence that would warrant immediate defrocking. The decision on whether Abbot Danai will be defrocked depends on the final court ruling regarding the severity of his actions.

In terms of monastic discipline, the local district and sub-district monastic chiefs will proceed according to the Sangha’s rules, reported KhaoSod.

The incident has sparked discussions about the moral responsibilities of Buddhist monks and the ethical treatment of animals within religious communities. The case also highlights the legal implications of animal cruelty in Thailand and the potential consequences for those in religious positions when they are found guilty of such offences.

The investigation into the incident and any further actions will adhere to both the judicial process and monastic codes. The religious authorities are carefully observing the proceedings, underlining the significance of upholding both legal and ethical standards within the monastic community.

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