Nakhon Ratchasima hotel workers nabbed for underage trafficking

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Two employees of a certain curtain hotel in Nakhon Ratchasima have been arrested for allegedly operating as pimps and trafficking underage girls for sexual services. The suspects, 46 year old Jansunun and 47 year old Tongta were apprehended in a sting operation by the Anti-Human Trafficking Division (AHTD) of the Royal Thai Police.

The police operation, led by Police Major General Sararut Sohphaso and his team, including Police Colonel Sarawut Jantawong and Police Lieutenant Colonel Pratch Menadech, was set in motion following a tip-off that the two women were procuring girls under 15 years old for hotel customers.

Undercover officers contacted the suspects to arrange the purchase of sexual services from two young girls for 4,500 baht. When the suspects brought the girls to a designated hotel room and collected the payment, the officers revealed their identities and made the arrest.

Subsequent examination of the suspects’ mobile phones revealed an extensive operation, with a multitude of images of young girls and numerous chat logs confirming arrangements for sexual services with various clients. The evidence was seized and will be used in the prosecution of the case.

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During the interrogation, Jansunun and Tongta confessed to facilitating the introduction of young women to clients, earning 500 baht per transaction, which they would split, receiving 250 baht each. They justified their actions as a means to supplement their income due to the insufficient wages paid by the hotel.

The suspects have been charged with human trafficking, procuring indecent acts with children under 15 years old, and seeking benefits from the exploitation of children.

They are currently in the custody of the AHTD for further investigation and legal proceedings, reported Khaosod.

The case has once again highlighted the ongoing issue of child exploitation in Thailand, prompting authorities to intensify their efforts to combat such illegal activities.

The arrest serves as a stern warning to those involved in the sex trafficking industry that the Royal Thai Police are actively working to dismantle networks that prey on vulnerable minors.

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