Pavement rage: Food delivery rider ‘delivers’ slap to pedestrian for blocking his path

Photo via Facebook/ Kitti Rex Panantanannon

A food delivery rider who violated the law by riding on a pavement slapped a pedestrian in the face because the victim blocked his path.

Two days ago, the victim, Kitti Panantanannon, shared a video of the moment when he was attacked on his Facebook account. In the caption, he said…

“I filed a complaint at Phra Khanong Police Station. He drove a motorcycle on the pavement at a high speed and asked me, a pedestrian, why I do not give him away. He even came back to attack me. The motorcycle also did not have a registration plate.”

Kitti was seen in the video walking on the pavement when the food delivery rider abruptly approaches from the opposite direction. The rider’s shoulder hit Kitti, so he stopped and stared at Kitti. Kitti decided to walk away from the rider, but the rider followed him and slapped him in the face without warning. Kitti fought back by kicking the motorcycle.

Kitti later gave an interview to Channel 3 yesterday explaining that the incident occurred near Sukhumvit Soi 85 in Bangkok. He admitted that he did not give way to the rider because it is illegal to ride on pavement. According to Kitti, the rider said to him…

“Why you did not step away? Have you no mercy?”

Kitti revealed that he responded to the rider saying…

“Are you crazy? This is pavement for pedestrians.”

Kitti said he walked away after the brief exchange of words but the rider followed him. He told the rider to ride slower if he was in a hurry and wants to use the pavement. However, the rider slapped him in the face. So, he kicked his motorcycle and tried to record a video. The rider was scared to be exposed on social media and fled the scene.

The Superintendent of Phra Kanong Police Station, Opas Harnnarong, revealed that the case is under investigation. From the security camera footage, the rider rode into Sukhumvit Soi 15 which leads to many roads. Opas said his officers will review more footage to track down the rider.

According to the law, pedestrians can report motorcycles riding on the pavement to the police or district official. If the suspect is arrested, the reporter is entitled to 50% of the imposed fine. Complaints can be filed online through the website of the City Law Enforcement Department, here.

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