NACC probes Narathiwat flood aftermath with 173 logs found

In the wake of recent floods in Narathiwat Province, an alarming discovery was made as a substantial number of logs were swept down from Mount Mo Tae, situated within the Sipo Waterfall National Park. The National Anti-Corruption Commission (NACC) stepped in to conduct a thorough investigation following the event that left 173 logs scattered across two primary locations in the region.

The NACC’s Narathiwat Provincial Office, led by Director Acharn Suwandara, alongside a team comprising Forest Resource Management Office No. 13 and the Forest Protection Unit at No. 2 (Rue So), has been meticulously examining the affected areas since yesterday, January 4.

Their inquiry is focused on the Ban Braeng area in Marue Botok Subdistrict, Rangae District, and the vicinity of Ban Uyi in Lalo Subdistrict, Rueso District. Both sites are in proximity to Khao Mo Tae and have experienced significant environmental disturbances.

Initial findings suggest that intense rainfall triggered soil erosion on the mountain slopes, leading to a deluge of rocks, sand, and various species of trees descending into the low-lying areas. The force of the water was so powerful that it inflicted substantial infrastructure damage; in Ban Braeng, a water dam and concrete roadways were found to be severely compromised. Similarly, the Ban U Yi water barrier dam suffered extensive damage, impacting the surrounding agricultural land and the livelihoods of residents.

The trees uprooted by the natural calamity were complete with roots, indicating they had not been felled by human activity. No evidence of sawn wood was detected among the debris. Forest officials have since taken action to document the aftermath, cataloguing a total of 175 logs—102 from the first area and 73 from the second. This inventory marks the beginning of the next phase of the NACC’s investigative process.

The NACC’s involvement underscores the gravity of the situation and the government’s commitment to addressing the environmental and infrastructural consequences of the floods. As the investigation continues, authorities are expected to provide further insights into the scale of the damage and the measures required for recovery and prevention of future incidents. The findings will be pivotal in understanding the full impact of the natural disaster on the local ecosystem and community, reported News.ch7.

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