Mysterious red light in sky sparks panic and intrigue in social media (Video)

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A mysterious red light hovering in the sky has been captured on video, leaving residents in Ratchaburi Province on edge. Authorities have been called to investigate the source of the phenomenon, shared on Facebook, while villagers are curious to discover if the supernatural may be the cause.

A video clip on Facebook featuring a floating red light in the sky has gone viral, alarming residents in Ratchaburi Province. The clip creator, a friend of the Facebook page owner, identified as DJ Mos, says he captured the mysterious light on his phone while driving. The video has received a significant number of shares and likes.

DJ Mos, whose real name is Thanabat Srijam, 30 years old, from Ban Sing, explained that he witnessed the floating red light and decided to record it on his phone. However, he preferred not to speculate on the nature of the light. Mos says he posted the clip in a private group, but a friend shared the clip on Facebook, sparking various reactions from people with some doubting the authenticity of the image.

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Village leader Wiriya Kittikamchay learned about the red light phenomenon from the locals and social medias but did not want to jump to conclusions as some villagers felt afraid. Authorities decided to inspect the area to ensure the wellbeing of the community, without issuing a formal warning for fear of causing panic. So far, the mysterious red light has not been detected during night investigations.

Another unexplained phenomenon in the sky occurred two months ago in Sacramento, St Patrick’s Day where celebrants observed streaks of light blazing a path through the California night. A video shared on Instagram displayed what looked like small fireworks or flying superheroes chasing each other along a trail.

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