Myanmar’s rebel groups seize border trade hub of Myawaddy

Ethnic armed groups in Myanmar, namely the Karen National Union (KNU) and People’s Defence Force (PDF), have successfully seized the significant border trade hub of Myawaddy. In response, approximately 100 soldiers loyal to the Myanmar junta have regrouped near the Second Thai-Myanmar Friendship Bridge, anticipating reinforcements for a counterattack.

These soldiers, defying surrender to the rebel forces, retreated towards the bridge while the opposition continued to bombard the area. The Ratchamanu task force, situated in Thailand, has stepped up its defences under the bridge to prevent the conflict from extending into Thai territory.

The conflict has dramatically impacted the logistics sector, forcing trucks to reroute their path from Mae Sot to reach Myawaddy. This detour adds an estimated seven hours to their travel time.

As a result, many traders, seeking to avoid the conflict-ridden border areas now under rebel control, have started transporting their goods through the Yangon port. This port remains under the junta’s control.

The military government in Nay Pyi Taw, which took power by force, is grappling with the escalating pressure from numerous armed resistance groups. The KNU alone consists of 14 affiliate groups, with seven operating in the north of Myawaddy and the remaining seven active in the south.

In response to this ongoing conflict, Thai authorities are liaising with armed groups to establish safe zones along the primary trade routes, aiming to protect the safety of residents and merchants,reported Bangkok Post.

In related news, Myanmar residents flee fearing air strikes after rebels Seize town, An influx of people, notably anxious about potential strikes, queued at a border crossing to escape Myanmar early this morning.

This follows the seizure of the strategic town of Myawaddy near Thailand by the anti-junta resistance, which continues to gather momentum. The Arakan Army was a significant participant in Operation 1027, a concerted attack by three rebel groups last October that captured substantial territory from the junta.

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