Myawaddy suffers as Thailand ceases electricity supply

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Myawaddy has experienced a significant impact on its electricity supply after Thailand’s Provincial Electricity Authority ceased providing power on June 6, following the expiration of a contract with the Myanmar government. While the border in the Mae Sot district of Tak remains open for people and cargo, the electricity cut has had varying effects on different groups within Myawaddy.

Chinese investors in Myawaddy, with their large complexes, have been largely unaffected by the electricity cut, as they rely on their own generators for power. Thongchai Maneesorn, owner of border Pier 23 in Ban Wang Kaeo of Tambon Mae Pa in Mae Sot, noted that these buildings remained illuminated at night as usual.

In contrast, ordinary households in Myawaddy have been hit hard by the lack of electricity. Mobile phone networks have been disconnected, and residents have resorted to using ice to preserve fresh food due to non-functioning refrigerators. Wealthier families have purchased their own generators, while those with fewer resources have pooled their money to buy shared generators.

The demand for generators and ice in Myawaddy has led to increased sales in Mae Sot, with some generators becoming temporarily unavailable and buyers having to wait days for supplies from other provinces in Thailand. As for mobile phone service, Myawaddy residents using Thai providers in border areas covered by Thai networks have been able to maintain their connections, reported Bangkok Post.

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Thongchai said…

“There are no significant impacts on the new town zone of Chinese people because they can afford generators for their buildings. Since the power stoppage in Thailand, they depend on their generators. From the Thai side, their buildings are seen illuminated every night as usual.”

In related news, Thailand’s Provincial Electricity Authority (PEA) has discontinued the electricity supply to two Myanmar border towns that have been witnessing significant illicit investments from groups of Chinese entrepreneurs. Read more HERE.

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