Murder suspect surrenders after stabbing general store owner

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A murder suspect in the case of a 20-baht shop owner has voluntarily surrendered to Khon Buri Police Station. The victim’s family, profoundly distressed, eagerly awaits the opportunity to confront the suspect, especially the father who wishes to question his motives.

The incident unfolded in Khon Buri District, Nakhon Ratchasima Province when the suspect entered a 20-baht general store. The owner, 27 year old Tosaporn, woke up and attempted to apprehend the intruder, leading to a struggle. The suspect, armed with a knife, inflicted seven fatal stab wounds on Tosaporn, before fleeing the scene.

Today, Tosaporn’s girlfriend and his 59 year old father, Somporn visited Khon Buri Police Station after learning that the suspect’s mother was bringing her son to surrender to the police.

Upon hearing about the suspect’s surrender, he rushed to the police station, eager to see the face of the person responsible for his son’s death. Somporn expressed a deep desire to confront the suspect and ask why he took his son’s life, even admitting he wanted to strike the suspect once to alleviate his grief.

“I will not accept any apology because my son is gone. An apology cannot bring him back. My son was the hope of our family. We raised him well. He never caused serious harm to anyone. He was hardworking and supported the family, but his life was cut short by a criminal.

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“We will have to close and lease out my son’s shop because our family has lost its leader. My son’s girlfriend cannot continue running the shop in her current state of mind. I must commend the police for their swift action in apprehending the suspect.”

Tosaporn’s girlfriend, Nidnakorn revealed that the suspect did not steal anything from the shop. She remains puzzled about the suspect’s motives, noting that even the wallet next to her sleeping boyfriend was untouched. Nidnakorn emphasised that she and Tosaporn had no conflicts with the suspect and were known in the village as friendly and hardworking individuals.

The local police have now detained the murder suspect, a 23 year old man from a neighbouring village, at Khon Buri Police Station. The police are currently interrogating the suspect to uncover more details about the case, reported KhaoSod.

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