Motorcyclist injured after falling into unmarked construction hole

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In a neverending saga of Pattaya’s unfinished roadworks posing a threat to road users, a contractor’s negligence led to a motorcycle accident as a rider fell into an unmarked construction hole, injuring herself yesterday, June 30. Repeated incidents have frustrated locals.

At 8.30pm, Pattaya’s Sawang Boriboon Rescue Centre in Chon Buri received a report of a motorcycle accident involving a construction hole on Phatthanakan Road in Nong Prue, Bang Lamung District.

Upon arrival, rescue personnel discovered the injured woman, 28 year old Natthacha, who had already managed to climb out of the hole. Initial first aid was provided before she was transported to Bang Lamung Hospital for further treatment.

The scene revealed a red Yamaha motorcycle partially submerged headfirst into the construction hole. Although metal barriers and plastic barricades bordered the excavation, there were no warning lights to signal the construction site. The area, known for its poor lighting, exacerbated the danger.

Locals have voiced their concerns, noting that this is not an isolated incident. They have repeatedly contacted city officials but no effective measures have been taken to rectify the situation, resulting in frequent accidents at this particular spot.

Natthacha, the injured rider, explained that she was on her way to deliver seafood in Pattaya when the accident occurred. The combination of light rain and the dark road conditions made it difficult to see the construction hole. The absence of warning lights led her to collide with a barricade, causing her motorcycle to lose control and fall into the hole.

Police documented the scene and secured the motorcycle, awaiting Natthacha’s recovery before returning it to her. Pattaya police have pledged to coordinate with relevant agencies to address the hazardous conditions by installing clear construction warning lights and ensuring the safety of road users, reported KhaoSod.

Local frustration continues to mount as residents emphasise the need for prompt and effective action to prevent further accidents. The repeated incidents at this location highlight the urgency for better safety measures and responsive governance.

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