Motorcycle crash blamed on spirits by inebriated man alarms Thailand rescue team

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A 32 year old factory worker crashed his motorcycle, and claimed that it was due to encountering spirits while riding under the influence, leaving him with injuries. Emergency responders arrived at the scene, where the injured man insisted on rescuing ghosts and deities first, baffling and alarming the rescuers.

At around 3am yesterday, the Ayutthaya Rescue Association received a report regarding a motorcycle accident on Rojana Road, heading towards Wang Noi district in Ayutthaya. The injured man, a 32 year old factory worker, was found near the overturned motorcycle with a bleeding wound on his left hand. After being treated at the scene, the man, who was in a drunken state, explained that he crashed his motorcycle due to spirits causing the accident and a red-clad deity on a two-pointed stake that threatened his life. He asked the rescue team to help the spirits and the deity first, before attending to him, reported Khaosod.

The Ayutthaya rescue team at the scene was astonished and also frightened by the man’s claims. Nevertheless, they decided to take the injured man and his motorcycle to a nearby rest point, where they asked him to rest before heading home, out of concern for potential further dangers on the road.

According to local reporters, the rescue team members felt a mix of amusement and uneasiness over the incident. As for the area’s superstitions, multiple accidents have occurred at the location in question, resulting in various injuries and even fatalities.

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