Monks’ brawl during ceremony sparks debate in Surat Thani (video)

Picture courtesy of ซัน บุญเลี้ยง Facebook

A fight broke out between two monks in Surat Thani during a religious ceremony at a family’s home, shocking the household and sparking widespread online debate. The incident, captured on video and shared on Facebook by a user named ซัน บุญเลี้ยง, shows the monks exchanging blows in an unexpected turn of events during what was supposed to be a peaceful merit-making ritual.

The video, which quickly became a talking point among netizens, displays a shocking scene where two monks, who were invited to perform a new year’s blessing for an elderly couple, suddenly began fighting. The altercation occurred right before the morning meal when one seated monk stood up and threw a punch at another monk who was standing.

The standing monk, taken by surprise, dropped his bowl of rice, which shattered on the floor, before responding with punches of his own. The family members present were stunned by the sight of the brawling monks, as the scene unfolded amidst a setting meant for reverence and piety, reported KhaoSod.

The caption accompanying the controversial clip read: “Making merit for grandpa and grandma #ThisMorning #Sadhu99 #FightingMonks must…”

The comments section was quickly filled with reactions from both Buddhists and the general online community, many expressing dismay and disappointment at the behaviour of the two monks, deeming it highly inappropriate.

In related news, the Buddhist vow of refraining from harmful actions was momentarily lost on one monk who beat up another for standing too close to him.

The incident occurred early in the morning in front of Bang Yai City Market when the pair got into a quarrel about which monk should stay and which monk should leave. There is an unwritten agreement that two monks do not stand in close proximity and receive offerings of flowers, food or money. This is because one monk will get more offerings if he stands alone, two monks together means the offerings are shared.

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