Miss Grand Trang 2024 turns live sales into charity for Thai school

Narisa Yeesun, known as Miss Grand Trang 2024, recently took to livestreaming to sell goods online, with a heartfelt mission to support underprivileged children. Today, she successfully turned her online sales into a charitable event by purchasing educational supplies and snacks for the students at the Municipal School of Trangkhapoom Putthawas in Kantang district, Trang province.

The initiative was warmly received by the school’s community, including the director, Kalasit Phetkong, and his deputy, known popularly as Chatri Bunmee Teacher, who is a visually impaired Thai language teacher gaining fame on social media. Teachers, staff members, parents, and students joined together to welcome Narisa’s generosity with enthusiasm.

In a poignant gesture of compassion, Narisa mentioned that she had been moved by the plight of many children at the school who were facing hardships. In the past, she had taught the students how to walk the runway in a fashion show, and this time she returned to instruct them on how to strike the perfect pose for photographs. She also donated rocking horse chairs for the children to sit on while reading or waiting for their parents, enhancing their learning environment.

The school’s students expressed their gratitude by performing two welcome dances, which, despite the challenge of needing to hold onto their traditional wrap-around skirts called pha khao ma to prevent wardrobe malfunctions, delighted everyone present. The heartwarming scene underscored the joy of giving and the satisfaction of receiving, leaving a lasting impression on all who participated.

Narisa’s live selling event underscores the power of social media and the positive impact that public figures can have when they use their platforms for good. By transforming profits from her online sales into tangible support for these children, she not only provided much-needed resources but also demonstrated how acts of kindness can uplift entire communities. It’s a reminder that behind the sashes and crowns, beauty queens like Narisa can play a significant role in social outreach and charity, inspiring others to follow suit.

This touching story of Miss Grand Trang 2024 is not just about the assistance provided to the students but also about the spirit of community and the bonds that such charitable acts can strengthen. It serves as an example of how individuals can leverage their influence and resources to create positive change, one live stream at a time, reported KhaoSod.

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