Mentally ill woman targets bank in random arson attack

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An alleged mentally ill woman has been identified as the suspect in a recent arson attack on a bank in Nakhon Si Thammarat. Police traced her to her home, where she threatened to set fire to her house. Relatives claim she suffers from mental illness, and an arrest warrant is being prepared.

A mysterious woman doused a bank in Nakhon Si Thammarat with petrol before setting it ablaze. The incident occurred at 10.21am yesterday, June 26. CCTV footage captured the suspect arriving on a red motorcycle, wearing a helmet.

She parked near an ATM and was seen carrying a blue petrol container. She pretended to use the ATM before pouring petrol at the bank’s entrance and setting it on fire.

Head of the Chawang District Police Station, Police Colonel Chanyuth Ruangdit provided updates on the case, mentioning that the investigation team followed the suspect’s escape route via CCTV and identified the arsonist as 48 year old Amornsuk. The police then went to her residence with a team of investigators and patrol officers.

Upon reaching Amornsuk’s house, the officers found it locked and were met with threats from inside. Amornsuk warned that she would set the house on fire if the police forced their way in. For the safety of everyone involved, the officers decided to retreat and later sought help from local administrative officials. It was confirmed by Amornsuk’s relatives that she had been suffering from a mental disorder for many years, a fact well-known to locals.

Chanyuth stated that the motive behind the arson appeared to stem from Amornsuk’s mental instability. There was no evidence to suggest any personal vendetta against the bank, and she was not a customer of the bank.

Witnesses reported seeing Amornsuk purchase petrol from a nearby gas station for 250 baht, which she then used to commit the arson attack. The police are gathering evidence to request an arrest warrant from the Thung Song Provincial Court. The claim by her relatives about her mental illness will be verified through further investigation, reported KhaoSod.

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