Men over 50 urged to be probed for prostate cancer

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Health experts urge men over 50 to take precautions against prostate cancer, emphasising that untreated conditions can be fatal. The Thailand Healthcare 2024 event, held in Samyan Mitrtown Hall, highlighted free health screenings and expert talks on prostate health.

The annual fair, celebrating its 16th year, kicked off yesterday, featuring free health check-ups from 30 leading hospitals through tomorrow. The event, organised by the Matichon Group in collaboration with various health organisations, aims to promote health awareness among men.

At noon, a Health Talk session titled Prostate Problems in Middle-aged Men was conducted by a Urologist and male health surgeon from Bangkok Hospital, Sarawit Weerasopon alongside comedian Jaturong Mokjok. Sarawit clarified details about the male prostate.

“The prostate, roughly the size of a ping-pong ball, is located between the bladder and the urethra, not to be confused with the testicles.”

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By age 50, men have a 50% chance of developing an enlarged prostate, with the risk increasing to 60% by age 60 and 70% by age 70, added Sarawit.

“This condition affects all men with male hormones from birth, including LGBTQ individuals on hormone suppressants, as it’s related to bodily degeneration.”

Act on symptoms

Symptoms of an enlarged prostate include frequent urination at night, which can progress to daytime frequency, weak urine flow, and difficulty emptying the bladder. Sarawit advised consultations if symptoms appear.

“If these symptoms appear, consult a doctor. Mild cases may not require medication but reducing fluid intake three hours before bedtime can help.”

Left untreated, complications can arise, potentially leading to fatal outcomes. Treatment options include medication, which can cause side effects such as dizziness and abnormal ejaculation. Another method is steam therapy, which is as effective as medication but requires a catheter for seven days.

Traditional surgical options include transurethral resection, a procedure using an electric knife that has been in practice for a century, and newer laser surgery, which results in less bleeding and shorter hospital stays but may affect erectile function.

For advanced cases, robotic surgery is available, primarily for prostate cancer patients. Sarawit emphasised the importance of screening for prostate cancer before opting for medication, as robotic surgery is only used if cancer is detected.

To prevent prostate issues, Sarawit recommended maintaining overall health by avoiding diabetes, hypertension, and high cholesterol. Weight management is also crucial for those with obesity.

The fair runs from 10am to 8pm, concluding tomorrow. Attendees can expect free health screenings, expert talks, and a variety of health-related products and innovations. The fair aims to be a one-stop destination for health and wellness needs, providing valuable resources to the community, reported KhaoSod.

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