Market shooting in Samut Prakan leaves one dead, two injured

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A heated argument in a Samut Prakan local market quickly turned into a violent shooting, resulting in the tragic death of a woman and serious injuries to two others. The incident stemmed from a confrontation involving inappropriate remarks.

The incident occurred at 7pm yesterday at the Bang Ya Phraek market in Samut Prakan. Authorities from Samrong Tai Police Station received a report of a shooting at a liquor shop within the market.

Local police, medical responders from Samut Prakan Hospital, and the Ruam Katanyu Foundation rushed to the scene.

Upon arrival, authorities discovered 44 year old Kamraithong lying in a pool of blood with a gunshot wound to the back of her head. She was barely breathing.

Nearby, a 57 year old sausage vendor, Chalao, was found shot in the back, and 50 year old Rungphet had sustained gunshot wounds to his leg and abdomen.

First responders provided initial medical treatment before transferring the injured to Vibhavadi Chai Prakan Hospital. Unfortunately, Kamraithong succumbed to her injuries due to the severity of her wound.

Investigations revealed that before the shooting, Kamraithong had been drinking herbal liquor with her husband, Bancha, at the market.

Another patron, 50 year old Chang was also drinking at a nearby table and made inappropriate remarks towards Kamraithong.

This angered Bancha, leading to a heated argument. Chang then drew a gun and pointed it at Bancha’s head, but bystanders stepped in to ease the tensions.

Chang left the scene, while Bancha took their child home. Shortly after, Chang returned on a motorcycle, armed with a short-barreled shotgun. He opened fire, fatally wounding Kamraithong and injuring Chalao and Rungphet, who were nearby.

Authorities are now focused on apprehending Chang, who fled the scene after the shooting. Police are conducting a thorough investigation to bring him to justice, reported Khaosod.

The market, usually bustling with activity, turned into a scene of chaos and grief. Witnesses described the panic and horror as shots rang out in the usually peaceful market.

Local vendors and residents are left to grapple with the aftermath of the tragic event. This incident underscores the devastating impact of escalating violence, especially ones erupting under the influence of alcohol.

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