Thailand tokes on new approach: CBD-infused Marijuana oil to fight drug addiction

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The Department of Thai Traditional and Alternative Medicine (DTAM) has initiated a pioneering programme utilising marijuana oil infused with high levels of CBD to combat drug dependency.

Dr Thewan Thanirat, DTAM’s deputy director-general, unveiled the innovative prescription, named Karun Osoth, a concoction of coconut oil and CBD meticulously balanced to 10 milligrammes of CBD per millilitre of coconut oil.

This revolutionary therapy not only addresses the cravings for drugs but also alleviates withdrawal symptoms including insomnia and muscle pains, offering a glimmer of hope to countless individuals grappling with addiction.

CBD, a vital compound found abundantly in both marijuana and hemp plants, distinguishes itself from THC by its non-psychoactive properties, ensuring patients experience relief without the intoxicating effects. Thewan disclosed that the DTAM initiated a trial run of the Karun Osoth marijuana oil across three hospitals as part of a pilot project.

Bangkok Thai Traditional Medicine Hospital, with 278 patients undergoing treatment, leads the charge alongside Udon Thani Thai Traditional Medicine Hospital (treating 196 patients) and Phatthalung Thai Traditional Medicine Hospital (caring for 76 patients).

Preecha Nuthim, director of Bangkok Thai Traditional Medicine, highlighted the versatility of herbal remedies in combating addiction, citing little ironweed as a potential aid in curbing nicotine cravings. Additionally, he announced a collaborative effort between DTAM, the Department of Probation, and the Nonthaburi provincial administration to host a 15-day event in Nonthaburi, reported The Nation.

Scheduled from March 19 to April 2, this event aims to evaluate and administer herbal compounds to individuals battling addiction within the province, marking a significant stride towards a drug-free future.

In related news, in a groundbreaking announcement, Dr Kampon Sriwatanakul, chairman of the Thailand National Charter of Health and other industry bigwigs, unveiled plans for the much-anticipated CISW MedCann Festival International (CMCF) 2024 for medical cannabis.

This year’s CMCF pledges to dazzle attendees with an array of innovative products, exclusive items, and exhilarating activities, all centred around the burgeoning medical cannabis sector.

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