Teenager high on marijuana causes motorbike crash in Nan

Photo courtesy of The Pattaya News

In the municipality of Nan, a collision between two motorbikes yesterday resulted in a chaotic scene involving a teenager high on marijuana. An intoxicated 17 year old male, under the influence of marijuana, crashed into a 15 year old girl at the Fa Mai intersection in Mueang Nan, Nan Province.

Upon receiving the distress call, emergency services from Nan promptly reached the accident site. The 15 year old girl received immediate first aid and was subsequently transported to a local hospital in Nan for further treatment.

Contrastingly, the 17 year old boy, who was suspected of marijuana intoxication, refused any medical attention. His identity has been withheld due to his minor status.

Following the accident, he began to behave erratically, engaging in a violent outburst that saw him assaulting the police officers present at the scene. His erratic behaviour was eventually subdued by the law enforcement officers.

Teenager high on marijuana causes motorbike crash in Nan | News by Thaiger
Photo courtesy of The Pattaya News

In the aftermath of this incident, officers discovered two parcels of dried cannabis securely packed within a ziplock bag in the boy’s possession. The police deduced that the boy’s erratic behaviour and hallucinations were likely attributable to his marijuana intoxication.

During the ensuing investigation, a witness named Kitja Thongsuk relayed his account of the incident to the police. He stated that he had observed the 17 year old boy creating a disturbance from a distance, excessively speeding on his motorbike prior to the collision with the 15 year old girl, who was emerging from a Soi.

Teenager high on marijuana causes motorbike crash in Nan | News by Thaiger
Photo courtesy of The Pattaya News

The boy’s guardian was informed about the event by the Nan police, who then escorted the boy to a Nan hospital due to his severe intoxication from marijuana, reported The Pattaya News.

The police report revealed that the 17 year old boy had a history of violent behaviour, having previously been involved in physical altercations with a friend, his grandmother, and his mother. Despite these incidents, no legal action was taken against the boy as they were considered to be domestic matters.

This time, however, the boy’s alleged physical assault on the police officers could potentially lead to legal repercussions. The police, however, have decided to postpone any legal proceedings until after the boy has received necessary medical treatment.

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