Man gored by buffalo in Chon Buri rushed to hospital

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A buffalo caretaker in Chon Buri was found in critical condition, left undiscovered for hours in an open field after being attacked by a buffalo. It is believed the attack occurred the previous evening. He was quickly rushed to Chon Buri Hospital for urgent treatment.

Upon receiving reports of an injury, rescue workers promptly arrived at the scene and discovered the injured man lying on the ground, breathing heavily and in a state of exhaustion. His body had multiple wounds inflicted by the buffalo’s horns. A search of his person revealed no identification documents.

The man was estimated to be around 50 years old. Rescue workers provided initial first aid before transporting him to the hospital for further medical care.

According to a local woman, referred to as Moo, the injured man regularly tended to the buffaloes alone. She mentioned that he typically checked on them late at night. It is believed that the man was gored the previous evening, as he was always seen tending to the buffaloes throughout the day.

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Moo found the man lying on the ground with dried blood and numerous wounds on his body, indicating he had been injured for several hours without anyone noticing. Upon discovering him, she immediately contacted the rescue workers for assistance.

At the scene, two buffaloes with sharp horns were found near a tree close to where the incident occurred. It is presumed that one of these buffaloes attacked the man.

The authorities have yet to identify the injured man due to the absence of identification documents. The rescue team’s timely intervention was crucial in ensuring he received the necessary medical attention. Locals expressed their concern for the man’s well-being and hoped for his swift recovery, reported KhaoSod.

The incident underscores the dangers of tending to livestock without adequate support or safety measures, particularly during the night. The community is urged to take precautions to prevent such unfortunate events in the future.

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