Man found dead in Udon Thani rice field pit, accident suspected

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A tragic accident unfolded amid a tranquil rice field in Udon Thani province, where a man lost his life in a cement water pit under mysterious circumstances. Yesterday, local authorities discovered the body of a 51 year old man, identified only by his first name, Saiya, submerged head-first in a water storage facility.

The discovery was made following an alert to the local rescue unit, led by the head of the Highway Police rescue team, Witthaya Phanlaha, from the Non Sa-at sub-district service point.

The distressing scene in the Kum Phawapi district’s rice field revealed Saiya’s body, with only his feet visible above the water’s surface, pointing skyward, a clear indication of an unfortunate and sudden demise.

His brother, deeply shocked by the event, recounted that Saiya, who suffered from a chronic illness, was last seen on the evening of April 24.

He had been living alone in the rice fields, occasionally returning home for meals. Saiya was presumed to have visited the water pit to fetch water for a bath when he likely fainted and fell in, leading to the fatal accident.

Rescue workers were called to the location in the Kum Phawapi district jurisdiction and coordinated with investigating officers to retrieve the body, a process that took approximately 20 minutes.

No foul play

The absence of any signs of assault led authorities and relatives to suspect no foul play. The family, not suspecting any criminal activity, has since taken Saiya’s body for traditional funeral rites.

Further inquiries with Saiya’s brother revealed that the deceased had a history of health issues and had been residing alone in the rice fields.

His brother, out in the fields intending to catch fish for a meal, discovered the tragic scene after realising Saiya was missing.

Initial assessments by authorities suggest that Saiya may have fainted, before falling into the pit during the night while attempting to draw water, and his pre-existing health condition could have contributed to the tragic accident.

The exact cause of death remains under investigation, although the family has expressed no suspicion and is proceeding with the cultural mourning practices.

This unfortunate event has cast a sombre mood over the community of Udon Thani. As the investigation unfolds, authorities are taking extra measures to emphasize the importance of safety around water storage facilities, especially in secluded areas, as reported by Khaosod.

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