Man fatally stabs friend to death over 20 baht in Chon Buri

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A Thai man fatally stabbed his friend in Chon Buri after he refused to lend 20 baht. The tragic incident occurred earlier today, with police receiving a report of a stabbing at 12.30am in Mueang District.

Upon arrival, officers found 43 year old Nirun critically injured with a stab wound to his left collarbone. Despite immediate CPR efforts, he was pronounced dead in the rescue vehicle.

The suspect, 45 year old Sarawut later confessed to the crime, citing anger and repeated humiliation as his motives.

Police inspected the scene at the house of the victim’s relative, 46 year old Rattana. Evidence of a struggle amid the altercation was clear as bloodstains were found inside the residence.

According to Rattana, the conflict began when Sarawut, a close friend of the victim, arrived and asked Nirun for 20 baht. Nirun’s refusal, accompanied by questions regarding the reasoning for the money enraged Sarawut.

A physical altercation ensued, during which Sarawut, unable to overpower Nirun, instead drew a knife and stabbed him once before fleeing towards the end of the alley.

Sarawut revealed his motives during questioning, citing his previous grievances stemming from Nirun’s habit of belittling him and sharing stories of him begging for money with others.

This compounded with Nirun’s refusal to lend him 20 baht, ultimately sparking the fatal confrontation.

Following the attack, officers managed to apprehend Sarawut near the New Market in Makham Yong, approximately 5 kilometres from the crime scene.

The police have detained Sarawut and charged him with murder. Further investigations are underway to uncover additional details and motives behind the incident, reported Khaosod.

In similar news, the Thai authorities in Bang Khun Thian arrested a 21 year old Myanmar national for attacking a teenager with a samurai sword, leaving the victim seriously injured. The incident occurred yesterday when Ye Min Htit, reportedly angered by taunts, retaliated violently.

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