Malaysian businessman arrested, confesses to brutal murder

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A Malaysian businessman was apprehended at Don Mueang International Airport in Bangkok, after confessing to the brutal murder of an employee.

The arrest took place yesterday evening around 10pm. The suspect, a 31 year old man of Chinese descent, was detained upon arrival from Malaysia. Thai authorities had been alerted by their Malaysian counterparts regarding the suspect’s involvement in the murder of a 24 year old Malaysian Chinese employee at Route66 Club in Johor Bahru, Malaysia, a venue reportedly owned by the suspect.

Initial reports reveal that the Thai Border Coordination Unit requested assistance in apprehending the young businessman as he arrived in Thailand on flight FD511 from Senai International Airport, Johor Bahru. The suspect landed at Don Mueang at approximately 4.45pm and was immediately identified and questioned by Thai police officers.

During the interrogation, the businessman, who speaks fluent Thai due to having a Thai wife in Buriram, admitted to assaulting his employee, leading to the latter’s death. The motive behind the murder was an alleged theft of 40,000 Malaysian Ringgit (approximately 300,000 baht) by the employee, who reportedly used the stolen funds for online gambling.

The suspect claimed that around 30,000 Ringgit went missing from his business. Upon realising the theft, he instructed his men to locate the employee, who was found gambling online. The Malaysian businessman, along with three muscular men believed to be security guards from his establishment, took the employee for questioning.

The suspect conceded that he struck the employee on the head with a bottle during the interrogation, causing the victim to lose consciousness in the presence of seven witnesses. He confessed to being under the influence of alcohol at the time of the crime and only later learned that the employee had died, reported KhaoSod.

Fearing the legal repercussions, the businessman fled to Thailand in hopes of seeking refuge with his wife. However, the Thai police took him into custody, documented his confession at Don Mueang Police Station, and coordinated with Malaysian authorities for his immediate extradition. The suspect understood the gravity of his situation and expressed his willingness to voluntarily return to Malaysia to face the charges.

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