Thai father shoots dead daughter’s boyfriend

A Thai father shot dead his daughter’s boyfriend whom he disapproved of in the southern province of Krabi yesterday, February 6. Police believe the father objected to their love because the man had a history of drug use.

Nua Klong Police Station officers in Krabi province were alerted to the fatal shooting at a house in the Khok Yang sub-district at about 5am yesterday. They rushed to investigate the scene and found the dead body of a Thai man, 38 year old Ekkaphon “Phon” Parnmart, at the back door of the house.

Phon was lying face down outside at the back of the house. He was shirtless and wearing only shorts. Three gunshot wounds were visible near his left eyebrow and chest. A 20-centimetre-long knife was found on the ground near his body. Two 9-millimetre bullet shells were collected as evidence.

The homeowner, a 36 year old woman named Sukanya, told police that she felt intimidated by Phon’s presence outside her residence, prompting her to contact her sister for assistance. While talking on the phone, Sukanya heard three gunshots from the rear of her property, prompting her to investigate.

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Following Sukanya’s initial report, which was somewhat unclear, officers requested access to the CCTV cameras within her home. Upon review, it became evident that the situation was markedly different.

The deceased, Phon, was observed arriving at Sukanya’s residence on the evening prior to the incident. It transpired that Phon was Sukanya’s boyfriend, and they had been spending time together as a couple at her home.

Around 3am, Sukanya’s 57 year old father, Prasert Srikhao, arrived at the property. CCTV footage revealed him secretly entering the premises before knocking on the door. Phon answered the door to Prasert, and an altercation ensued, during which Prasert brandished a firearm. Despite Phon’s pleas for mercy, Prasert disregarded them.

Prasert was arrested for intentional murder due to the clear evidence in the CCTV footage but he refused to give details of his actions.

The Deputy Commander of the Krabi Provincial Police, Phitsanu Anchanaphonkun, told ThaiRath that police believe Prasert disliked the deceased because he had a history of drug use. It is believed that Prasert disapproved of the relationship between his daughter and Phon and ordered them to separate, but they refused.

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