Majority of Thailand’s national parks to close for periodical hiatus

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Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) announced the seasonal closure of 134 out of 156 national parks, giving tourists and local visitors a heads-up.

The annual shutdown, managed by the National Park Office under the Department of National Parks, Wildlife and Plant Conservation (DNP), is a strategic move aimed at steering Thailand towards sustainable environmental management. With closures differing across parks and aligning with the unpredictable weather, this eco-conscious initiative prioritises the safety of travellers and nurtures ecological revival.

The upcoming Jedkod-Pongkonsao Nature Study and Ecotourism Center in Saraburi find itself caught in this environmental lockdown web. For those craving specifics, a comprehensive closure timetable for the 2024-2025 season, categorised by locations in respective Protected Areas Regional Offices, is meticulously laid out by the DNP, reported Pattaya Mail.

The TAT advises visitors to take note of park regulations before making their way to the nature reserves.

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The National Park Office can be reached at Tel: +66 (0) 2562 0760-3 or +66 (0) 2561 0777 ext. 1743, 1744. Alternatively, details can be found on the DNP’s official website and Facebook page, National Parks of Thailand.

In related news, the DNP disclosed on January 4 the rankings of the top 10 highest-earning and most-visited national parks from the pool of 133 parks for the previous year. Based on revenue from January to December 2023, the top 10 Thai national parks accumulated a whopping total income of 1,651,868,101 baht. Hat Noppharat Thara–Mu Ko Phi Phi National Park in Krabi topped the chart with an income of 377,321,864 baht.

In other news, intrigue surrounds the visa status of popular Korean YouTubers, P’ Jung and Cullen, as a prominent lawyer’s query ignites discussions on their prolonged stay in Thailand. Recent sightings at the Ministry of Labour on January 15 add to the mystery.

Fans of the Cullen channel suggested that the pair are likely holding the correct visas, and certainly not tourist visas, as they both have Thai bank accounts and Thai driving licenses.

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