Lottery draw reveals winners with 6 million baht top prize

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Today’s lottery draw from the Government Lottery Office attracted eager participants who tuned in to the live broadcast. People across Thailand were glued to their screens in anticipation of the winning numbers for the first prize, two-digit and three-digit endings, and other rewards.

The live lottery draw began around 2.30pm. The excitement was palpable as viewers awaited the announcement of the first prize, worth 6 million baht, along with other significant prizes, reported Sanook.

The Government Lottery Office has outlined the prize structure as follows:

  • The first prize is 6 million baht.
  • There are two prizes of 4,000 baht each for the three-digit front number.
  • Similarly, two prizes of 4,000 baht each are awarded for the three-digit back number.
  • The two-digit ending prize is 2,000 baht.
  • The second prize, with five winners, is 200,000 baht each.
  • The third prize, with 10 winners, is 80,000 baht each.
  • The fourth prize, with 50winners, is 40,000 baht each.
  • The fifth prize, with 100 winners, is 20,000 baht each.

The conditions for claiming the lottery prizes have been clearly stated. Winners have the right to claim their prize within two years from the date of the draw. If the claim is not made within this period, the prize money will be transferred to the state’s revenue. Additionally, winners are required to pay a stamp duty fee at the rate of 1 baht for every 200 baht or fraction thereof of the prize amount.

For those who missed the live broadcast or wish to verify their numbers, the results are readily available for review. The Government Lottery Office provides multiple avenues for checking past lottery results, ensuring that participants can easily confirm their winnings, said a lottery spokesperson.

“The live broadcast of the lottery draw today was an exciting event. The anticipation and the thrill of potentially winning a significant prize are unmatched.”

The live draw, a staple event for many Thais, continues to be a moment of excitement and hope. The structured prize distribution and transparent conditions for claiming winnings add to the credibility and popularity of the Government Lottery Office’s operations, said a lottery spokesperson.

“The lottery is not just about winning money, it’s about the excitement and the community spirit it brings. Gathering with friends and family to watch the draw is a tradition for many of us.”

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