Local vendor’s motorcycle theft turned community effort

Image courtesy of Benz Niratchai on Facebook

A vigilant citizen’s video capturing a chase after a motorcycle theft turned into a community effort as a local grilled pork vendor lamented the difficulty of recovering her stolen vehicle. The incident began when user Benz Niratchai posted a video on Facebook, showing the chase of a red and white Wave 110 motorcycle thief who had stolen from the Lat Phrao 64 area of Bangkok.

Duang, the owner of the stolen motorcycle, shared her plight online today, revealing the theft took place two days prior, around 5am on May 8.

She was preparing her grilled pork stall when she went to fetch a lighter from under her motorcycle seat, inadvertently leaving the keys in the ignition. Engrossed in her work, she later noticed two male teenagers standing opposite her stall, overhearing one say, “I’ll go get it.” Mistaking their intent for a potential purchase, she was shocked when they crossed the road, started her motorcycle, and sped off, followed by the second individual.

A passing delivery rider, upon hearing Duang’s call for help, gave chase to the culprits and managed to capture a video of the incident. The pursuit continued along Lat Phrao Road until the thieves vanished near Nawamin.

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Police from the Wang Thonglang station informed Duang that the chase might be challenging due to factors including the speed of the chase, sparse CCTV in the area, and possible false plates on the perpetrator’s vehicle.

Beyond the stolen motorcycle, Duang’s losses included a mobile phone, cash, and personal documents like her ID and driver’s license, belonging to both her and her partner.

Duang, who sells her grilled pork skewers for just 10 baht each, expressed the hardship of earning money to make her monthly instalment of 3,300 baht. With only seven payments left, the theft was a significant blow as she had purchased the motorcycle when she first opened her stall and was close to paying it off, reported Khaosod.

She implored anyone who might spot her black and red Honda Wave 125i, with the license plate 4ขห 8379 Bangkok to contact relevant authorities.

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