Livestream captures Thai man’s final moments before fatal shooting

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A livestream captured the final moments of a Thai man who was shot dead by two gunmen at a public park in the Isaan province of Loei on the evening of July 7.

Officers from Mueang Loei Police Station were alerted to the shooting at the Kut Pong Public Park in the city centre of Loei province. Upon arrival, officers discovered only a pool of blood as the victim, 38 year old Ronnachai “Ood” Sadanae, had already been transferred to a nearby hospital.

Unfortunately, Ood succumbed to his injuries. He sustained three gunshots to his body and head. The fatal shooting was captured by the livestreaming video on Ood’s social media account.

The victim’s friend, 22 year old Ta, told Channel 3 that Ood invited him to a party at his home at about 10pm before he asked Ta and another friend to sit and relax at the public park at about 11pm. Ood told the friends that someone wanted to kill him but the friends thought it was a joke.

Ta said he was surprised that Ood wanted to go to the public park because he was suffering from gout and had not left his home for over a month.

According to Ta, Ood was livestreaming in the public park and dared anyone who wanted to kill him to meet him there. Two men approached Ood at the park. Ta thought they were police officers patrolling in the area.

Unexpectedly, Ood dared the two men to kill him, saying “Do it! Kill me!” The two gunmen brandished two guns, and one of them shot Ood. The suspects then ran back to their pickup truck and fled the scene.

Ta said he had only known Ood for about four to five months. He worked in Nakhon Pathom province, but Ood asked him to visit. Ta believed that Ood already knew that he would be killed because he insisted on going to the public park despite the rain.

Ood’s younger brother, Up, admitted that his brother was a hot-tempered person but he really loved his friends and always supported them. Ood had been arrested and imprisoned for several offences before.

Police are now investigating the reason behind Ood’s death and unveiling the identity and location of the suspects.

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