Lightning strike tragedy: Thai father killed in bed as family watches in horror in northern Thailand

Photo: KhaoSod.

A family of four experienced a tragedy when a lightning strike hit their home in Wang Chao, Tak province yesterday. The 47 year old father, Jitpol, was struck by lightning while in bed, a fatal strike witnessed by his wife and two daughters.

The family’s home, a wooden structure with a zinc roof, was inspected after the unfortunate lightning strike incident. Inside, investigators found a bed placed on the floor, a shirt belonging to the deceased, and 7 baht in coins. Also found near the bed were three torches.

In recounting the events, 16 year old Kwan Khao and Jitpol’s elder daughter shared that her family, including her mother, herself, and her younger sister, typically slept together under a single mosquito net.

On the morning of the incident, heavy rain accompanied by thunder and a lightning strike triggered her fear of storms, leading her to seek comfort near her father.

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Jitpol was responding to his daughter’s request when a bolt of lightning struck him twice. The horrifying event unfolded before the eyes of his family. After the strike, Jitpol collapsed and lay face down on the floor.

His wife tried to revive him, performing cardiac massage, before leaving to seek help from neighbours. Despite being moved from the house and receiving CPR at the hospital, Jitpol’s life could not be saved.

Daughter reacts

An 11 year old girl Acheerana, Jitpol’s second daughter, also shared her account of the lightning strike incident. She was sleeping in the same netted area with the rest of the family, adjacent to her mother when the tragedy unfolded reported KhaoSod.

“I saw my mother rush to support my father while crying and shouting to wake him up. She then performed chest compressions before driving her motorcycle out of the house for help. Before she left, she asked us to look after our father and that she will be back soon. Shortly after, she returned with an ambulance.”

A 68 year old woman, Suporn, and Jitpol’s elder sister, revealed she had a dream two days before the lightning strike tragedy.

In her dream, she was attending an event where a large amount of pork was being served. Two elderly people were trying to take some of the meat, but she stopped them, arguing that they should leave it for the event guests. After her brother’s death, she began to wonder if her dream was a premonition of the tragic event.

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