Lamphun dorm owner seeks media help to recover rent

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A distressed dormitory owner in Lamphun reached out to the media for help to recover rent, a loan, and a missing wall fan after police delays.

Porntip Kamfubut, the owner of a dormitory in Mueang Nga subdistrict, Mueang district, Lamphun province, reported that a tenant, Chatchai, had taken a wall fan from the dormitory and failed to pay 1,500 baht rent since June 14.

Porntip hopes that the media can help locate 28 year old Chatchai to settle the outstanding payments and return the wall fan. Chatchai rented a room on June 4 in Porntip’s dormitory. She provided him with a 1,600-baht black Sharp wall fan, still in its box, for use in the room.

Chatchai arrived at the dormitory on June 14 on a Honda Wave 110i motorcycle with the licence plate 1 กฉ 6810, province unknown. He then borrowed 1,500 baht from Porntip, leaving his motorcycle as collateral, promising to return with the money to retrieve it.

The following day, June 15, Chatchai borrowed his motorcycle, claiming he needed it to get the money to repay Porntip. However, by June 17, Porntip was unable to contact him. Upon inspecting the room, she found it unlocked and all of Chatchai’s belongings were gone, including the wall fan.

Porntip reported the incident to Lamphun City Police Station on June 17, accusing Chatchai of embezzlement and other charges. Porntip discovered on July 1 that Chatchai was staying at another dormitory in Ban Klang subdistrict, Mueang district, Lamphun province, approximately 8 kilometres away.

She immediately informed the investigators at Lamphun City Police Station. However, the officers claimed the case had been transferred to another officer and advised her to wait for a new summons for Chatchai before further action could be taken.

Feeling helpless, Porntip turned to the media to publicise her plight, hoping it would expedite the search for Chatchai and recover the borrowed money, overdue rent, and the wall fan, reported KhaoSod.

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