Koh Samui police shut down illegal beauty clinic run by foreigners

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Police recently apprehended a female doctor operating an illicit beauty clinic in Koh Samui, offering dangerous treatments including blood platelet injections. The raid, conducted at 10am today, March 13, found unregistered medications and controlled substances on the premises while services were being rendered.

The Immigration Bureau, along with police forces, revealed that the clandestine beauty clinic, offering various unauthorised medical treatments, was run by a foreign national. The investigation, prompted by tips, led to the discovery of the operation in Bophut, Koh Samui.

The clinic, named ALSPA BEAUTY CLINIC, was heavily advertised on social media platforms, including TikTok and Instagram, showcasing its services and the foreign practitioners.

Upon thorough investigation, it was found that the clinic was housed in a rented space within a hotel in Koh Samui without proper medical registration. The owner, a Russian national named Yulia, along with several other foreign nationals, were found to be providing beauty treatments.

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The services, which should be strictly regulated due to their potential risks, included a procedure where blood platelets were spun and re-injected into clients, both Thai and foreign.

During the operation, two foreign nationals were caught in the act of providing beauty and therapeutic massage services. One of them, 32 year old Liliya, was on a tourist visa, while 35 year old Alexander, was on a work visa for a general manager position in a residential service company. They faced charges related to working without proper permits.

A detailed search of the clinic uncovered various unregistered and controlled drugs, as well as used medical equipment, including a plasma centrifuge for separating blood platelets. The medical equipment and records seized indicated that the establishment was operating as an unregistered medical facility, reported KhaoSod.

Consequently, police seized the medical paraphernalia and proceeded to press charges against the two foreign workers for operating without work permits and exceeding their visa rights. Additionally, charges were brought against Yulia for running an unlicensed medical establishment and for distributing unregistered drugs.

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