Ko Mai Thon speedboat accident: Captain found drug positive

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A speedboat collision off Mai Thon Island near Phuket on New Year’s Eve claimed the life of a five year old Russian girl, with others facing life-threatening injuries.

The tragedy took a bizarre turn as reports surfaced, revealing that the 41 year old captain, currently on life support, tested positive for an amphetamine-related substance.

Phuket authorities are now under scrutiny, prompting urgent calls for more intensive oversight of marine safety, especially concerning speed boats. The devastating crash occurred as the boat, Apirak 89, was returning from a day trip to the Phi Phi islands and Krabi. The impact was so severe that it took a 10-minute rescue operation to avert even greater casualties.

All the passengers aboard were Russian, raising questions about the safety of such crafts. This isn’t the first time Phuket has witnessed such a tragedy – a similar incident occurred in May last year, hospitalising dozens. The ominous pattern continued with a 2020 speedboat tragedy that claimed the lives of two Russian children.

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The recent crash resulted in severe injuries, claiming the life of young Liza Pak. Details emerged of the horrific aftermath, as passengers suffered heavy impacts, including a 45 year old Russian woman with a punctured liver and broken pelvis, a man with ruptured lungs, and a three year old child with a severe head injury, reported Thai Examiner.

The boat’s captain, Natthawut Wongwilai, is currently dependent on a respirator in critical condition, with surgical intervention being considered. An initial drug test revealed the presence of an amphetamine-related substance, prompting random drug testing for speed boat drivers at Chalong Pier.

In related news, a boat race in Samut Prakan turned fatal when a boat crashed into a home after veering off course. The incident, which occurred along the canal behind Wat Hom Sin, Bang Phli Noi, Bang Bo District, Samut Prakan province, was caught on camera by a local.

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