King’s son returns to Thailand: Grabs first Thai ID and passport

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His Majesty the King‘s second eldest son, Vacharaesorn Vivacharawongse, has made a monumental return to Thailand, marking his presence by securing his first-ever Thai ID card and a brand-new passport.

The royal revelation was brought to light by political maven Chompoonute Nakornthap, aka Cherie, in a Facebook post that set social media abuzz.

The tantalising post yesterday, December 15, featured an intriguing still photo of the King’s son, standing tall with Chompoonute at an undisclosed district office, leaving the nation guessing about the covert operation. Another snapshot captured the regal figure having his height measured by an official in a hush-hush state office, adding an air of mystery to the royal affair.

A riveting video clip accompanying the post unveiled the behind-the-scenes action, showcasing Vacharaesorn undergoing the fingerprint scanning ritual – an integral part of the passport application process.

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Known affectionately as Than On by the Thai public, the 42 year old royal has spent the lion’s share of the past 27 years on foreign shores, primarily in the United States. His unanticipated return on December 4 for the national Father’s Day celebrations marked his second visit this year. During his earlier sojourn in August, Vacharaesorn was accompanied by his younger brother, Than Ong.

In a surprising culinary detour, Vacharaesorn, during his latest visit, graced the famed Jay Fai’s roadside eatery, renowned for clinching the prestigious Michelin star two years running, reported The Nation.

Amidst whispers of intrigue, Vacharaesorn’s Facebook posts revealed snippets of his adventures in provinces near Bangkok, partaking in a mangrove reforestation project in Samut Songkram, visiting Sarnelli House in Chachoengsao, and engaging with a local school in Ang Thong.

Chompoonute, a former policy adviser and secretary of the Democrat Party’s Committee on LGBT and Human Rights, provided the riveting update.

In related news, the Thai King and Queen participated in international sailing competition training in Phuket, joining the THA72 team in the IRC Zero category. Read more about this story HERE.

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