King Rama X boosts Thai sports culture with lifelong passion

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King Rama X’s lifelong passion for sports has made a significant impact on Thailand’s sporting culture. His journey began at a young age when he mastered horseback riding at around 11 years old, quickly proving himself to be an adept rider.

In his youth, he also engaged in rowing, football, and rugby with friends both in Thailand and overseas. His competitive spirit shone through in sailing, where he often competed alongside his father, the late King Bhumibol, and his elder sister, Princess Ubolratana, during family retreats at Klai Kangwon Palace in Hua Hin.

Initially playing football as a forward, the king later transitioned to a centre-back position. His football skills earned him the nickname Football Prince during his time at Chitralada School in Bangkok, Millfield School in England, and the Royal Military College in Duntroon, Australia.

In honour of his contributions to football, the Mor Vor Kor Cup has been held annually for over two decades. The tournament’s name derives from the initials of his name, Maha Vajiralongkorn.

His Majesty’s influence extends beyond football. As a patron of the Amateur Muay Thai Association of Thailand, he presents trophies for the Sports Authority of Thailand’s Muay Thai Fighter Annual Champions.

In recent years, King Rama X has become a prominent figure in the cycling community. He presided over the immensely popular Bike for Mom and Bike for Dad events in 2015, held to honour his parents. These events drew millions of participants from across Thailand, underscoring his ability to unify and inspire the nation.

He remarked…

“These events were not just about celebrating birthdays but also about promoting good health through exercise.”

His dedication has significantly boosted the profile of cycling in Thailand, encouraging people from all walks of life to participate in cycling competitions. The king’s support has been instrumental in attracting more athletes to the Thai Cycling Association.

Thanks to his unwavering support, cycling has gained widespread popularity in Thailand, further cementing King Rama X’s legacy in promoting sports and healthy living, reported Bangkok Post.

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