Kalasin monk exposed by activist for possession of drugs and guns

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Renowned Thai social activist, in collaboration with the Kalasin police and local administration, intervened to help a young man allegedly threatened by a monk. During the investigation, police discovered firearms, methamphetamine, and marijuana in the monk’s quarters.

At 2pm yesterday, July 7, at Khao Wong Police Station in Kalasin province, social activist Kanthas Phongphaiboonwetch, also known as Gun Jompalang, coordinated with Police Colonel Somchai Phukongchana, assigned by Major General Triwit Sriprapha, to conduct an investigation.

This followed a complaint from a 22 year old victim, referred to as A (pseudonym) who reported being threatened by a monk from a local temple in Khao Wong district. The incident, which forced him to relocate, occurred on June 26.

The temple was inspected by the police who met with a 40 year old monk named Poolphat. He claimed to have had previous dealings with A concerning the purchase of a neighbouring plot of land. The transaction fell through due to the absence of a land title deed.

Poolphat alleged that A had cut the temple’s fence and removed a flag marking the temple’s entrance, leading to recurring disputes. On the day of the incident, A allegedly filmed the temple with his phone, prompting Poolphat to chase him away with a broom and brandish a fake gun as a threat.

Inside the monk’s quarters, officials found a homemade firearm, a shotgun, a bottle of white liquor, methamphetamine, drug paraphernalia, and marijuana. The firearm shown in the video, which Poolphat claimed was fake, was not recovered. Both the monk and his disciple were subjected to urine tests, which returned positive for drugs, leading to their detention and subsequent defrocking.

Kan stated that he was approached for help by a young man from Kalasin, who reported verbal abuse and threats involving a firearm by the monk. Kan coordinated with Kalasin’s provincial police chief, the Khao Wong police chief, local administration, and community leaders to investigate. The discovery of firearms and drug use among the monk and his disciples was confirmed.

Police initially charged the monk with illegal possession of firearms and drug use, specifically methamphetamine, classified as a Category 1 narcotic. The investigation into the monk’s alleged threats and intrusion is ongoing following the formal complaint filed by the victim, reported KhaoSod.

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