Kamphaeng Phet prison sweep finds zero contraband, upholds security

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Kamphaeng Phet’s Central Prison conducted a surprise operation following the Department of Corrections’ policy to prevent the smuggling of contraband into the inmates’ quarters. Chathip Rujonseree, the Governor of Kamphaeng Phet Province, today chaired the launch of this special inspection operation to safeguard against the illicit introduction of prohibited items into the prison cells.

The operation was a coordinated effort involving Thitiphan Manujuntarat, the Warden of Kamphaeng Phet Central Prison, local police, the Provincial Internal Security Operations Command, the Territorial Defense Volunteers, the Office of Narcotics Control Board Region 6, and prison personnel. They undertook this special search to enforce the Department of Corrections’ mandate and to ensure that prohibited and unauthorised items were not being smuggled into the sleeping quarters.

The search operation extended across both male and female sections of the prison. Remarkably, the thorough inspection revealed no contraband. Additionally, a random drug-testing exercise was carried out on some inmates to detect any drug contamination. The results were equally positive, as no traces of narcotics were found in the tests, reported KhaoSod.

Governor Chathip stated that the day’s activities strongly supported the policy of the Department of Corrections. The operation aimed to engage all sectors in preventing and suppressing the entry of unauthorised items into the inmates’ living spaces.

The execution of this operation required diligence, meticulousness, and caution. Officials were urged to perform their duties with integrity, contributing to the drive to prevent prisoners from smuggling banned items into their cells, in line with the annual policies laid down by the Department of Corrections.

The successful operation underscores the prison administration’s commitment to upholding security and enforcing regulations within the correctional facility. The proactive and concerted actions of the officials involved reiterate the effectiveness of surprise inspections as a deterrent against contraband smuggling.

It also reflects the broader strategy of the Thai penal system to maintain order and discipline, ensuring prisons remain places of rehabilitation rather than hubs of illicit activity.

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