Rosewood heist: Kalasin governor on trail of million-baht theft culprits

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The Governor of Kalasin is on the hunt for the perpetrators involved in the theft of over 1 million baht valued Rosewood evidence from the Itue municipal office. Investigations yielded ties to six civil servants who reportedly shifted the evidence using a crane.

It was brought to the attention of the Governor, Suphasit Kocharoenyot, and Lieutenant Colonel Kritthiphum Homhuan, the Deputy Chief Administrative Officer for the Province of Kalasin, about the disappearance of the 6-7 logs of Rosewood with an estimated volume of 4 cubic metres, valued over 1million baht (US$28,640) from the Itue Subdistrict Municipal Office in the Yang Talat district, Kalasin.

The wood logs were originally evidence in a prosecuted case of illegal logging from the forestland of Nong Ya Ma within the jurisdiction of the Kalasin treasury department and were being stored in front of the Itue municipal office when they disappeared, reported KhaoSod.

Police Colonel Suphan Chiewnavinthawatch, Chief of the Provincial Police Region in Kalasin, today descended on the scene to monitor the progress of the case where he corroborated the findings with team leaders at the Non Sung Police Station.

An important breakthrough in the case was made when initial eyewitness testimonies confirmed the shifting of evidence true. Six government officials were found involved, using a crane to remove Rosewood logs. It is guessed that the confiscated logs have been moved out of the area. Thus, orders were given for swift tracking of the shifting route and to expedite the tracking and investigation of the related persons.

Suphasit asserted the case to be an unprecedented occurrence in Kalasin province and a concerning matter as government officials were found involved in the disappearance of government evidence.

He has vowed to pursue the matter thoroughly drawing no exceptions or leniency with involved persons, even if they are state officials. He stated that the case has made considerable progress, and justice is swiftly proceeding without any derailment, with no exceptions guaranteed.

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