Double trouble: Texas woman attacked by snake and hawk while mowing lawn

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In a shocking double attack, a woman was brutally attacked by both a snake and a hawk while she was mowing her lawn in Texas. Following a dramatic confrontation, which resulted in severe scratches and bruises, the woman recounted her terrifying ordeal.

The bizarre incident occurred on July 25 in Silsbee, Texas, near the Louisiana border. Peggy Jones was mowing her lawn when a hawk, in pursuit of a snake, accidentally dropped the serpent onto her. Enraged, the predatory bird swooped down to reclaim its meal, initiating a brutal double assault on the 64 year old woman.

At the time, startlement caused the snake to wrap around her arm and launch an attack on her face. Meanwhile, the infuriated hawk bent on retrieving its dropped meal, dug its talons deep into her flesh, reported BBC.

The intense pain from the scratches and deep bruises on her arm and face illustrated the severity of the incident. She said…

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“The snake fell from the sky and latched onto me. Before I could shake the snake off my arm, the hawk attacked.

“While I was trying to shake my arm to get the snake off, it wrapped around my arm. The snake struck my face, hitting my glasses two or three times. I was shaking like that, and it was dangling from my arm.”

Jones also noted that the hawk appeared abruptly and tried to snatch the snake from her arm. However, the bird’s talons hit both the snake and her arm, causing her to swing her arm around. The hawk persevered to extract the snake from her arm, repeatedly digging its talons into her flesh trying to pull its meal back.

The bird eventually succeeded in retrieving the snake from her arm. The incident shocked her husband, who drove her to the hospital immediately. Jones added that the snake damaged her glasses when it attacked her face.

“There were puncture wounds, abrasions, and severe bruises.”

Jones described the terrifying attack as emotionally traumatic.

“I thought I was going to die, and since the incident, I have struggled with sleeping.”

Although she had encountered wildlife often in her rural area of residence, she vowed to remember this incident as a vital warning.

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