Iranian tourist assault rocks Phuket’s famous party street

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A night out in Phuket turned violent when an Iranian tourist was brutally attacked, leaving holidaymakers and locals questioning the island’s safety.

Police Lieutenant Wisanu Chumee, Deputy Inspector of Patong Police Station, received a distressing report on Saturday night about a foreign tourist being assaulted and injured. The incident occurred at the bustling end of Soi Bang La, Bang La Road in Patong.

Upon arrival, officers found Korhanshirazi, an Iranian tourist, bleeding profusely from his cheeks, his shirt stained with blood. He recounted the harrowing experience, explaining that a collision with a local Thai individual escalated into a heated argument. The situation rapidly deteriorated when approximately four to five Thai men appeared and attacked him.

Despite his injuries, Korhanshirazi declined medical treatment, opting instead to assist the police in identifying his attackers. Officers combed the area for the assailants but were initially unsuccessful. Undeterred, they reviewed CCTV footage, eventually identifying the suspects.

Both parties were summoned to Patong Police Station for further investigation and legal proceedings. The police emphasised that such incidents tarnish Phuket’s reputation as a premier tourist destination and called for locals to uphold the island’s image by being gracious hosts, reported KhaoSod English.

In related news, a Thai bar owner and a foreigner got into a bout of fisticuffs in Pattaya after the latter pushed the owner’s girlfriend in the chest for refusing to serve him because the bar was closing. Mueang Pattaya Police Station officers intervened in the altercation between the Thai man and the foreigner outside a bar in Soi Pattaya 8, about 150 metres from the police station.

In other news, Pattaya City Police apprehended three security guards after a viral video captured them allegedly assaulting a tourist. The incident, which has caused widespread condemnation and raised concerns about Pattaya’s image as a tourist destination, occurred at approximately 11.36pm on May 26.

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