Security guards arrested after tourist assault in Pattaya (video)

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Pattaya City Police apprehended three security guards after a viral video captured them allegedly assaulting a tourist. The incident, which has caused widespread condemnation and raised concerns about Pattaya’s image as a tourist destination, occurred at approximately 11.36pm yesterday.

Police Colonel Navin Teerawit, superintendent of Pattaya City Police Station, led the operation to detain the suspects.

The individuals, identified as 27 year old Ball, 36 year old Tom, and 24 year old Ice were taken in for questioning and further legal action. These guards were reportedly part of a freelance group providing security for multiple bars, though they were not directly linked to any specific establishment.

The guards have admitted their involvement in the incident. Ball claimed he was initially assaulted by a tourist, which led to injuries requiring medical attention.

Despite this alleged provocation, the guards’ actions have been widely criticised as excessive, particularly since one guard was seen kicking a tourist in the head as he lay on the ground after being beaten.

Pol. Col. Navin reprimanded the guards, stressing that their primary duty is to ensure the safety of tourists, not to engage in violence. He emphasised the need for restraint and the importance of involving law enforcement to de-escalate conflicts.

“Security personnel must act professionally and maintain composure. Their actions directly impact Pattaya’s reputation as a safe and welcoming tourist destination.”

Security guards arrested after tourist assault in Pattaya (video) | News by Thaiger
Picture courtesy of Pattaya News

The superintendent ordered a strict legal follow-up to ensure the guards face the consequences of their actions. The investigation is supported by CCTV footage, which documents the escalation of the confrontation and serves as crucial evidence.

The incident has sparked a broader conversation about the conduct of security personnel in Pattaya, highlighting the delicate balance between maintaining order and preserving the city’s welcoming atmosphere for tourists.

Details of the legal charges against the guards have not been immediately disclosed by Pattaya police. Despite various rumours circulating online, the condition of the tourist who appeared to be kicked in the head remains unclear.

His friends, who were also present, have reportedly declined to file police reports or press charges, seemingly wanting to move past the incident. However, given the viral nature of the video, avoiding legal repercussions may no longer be possible, reported Pattaya News.

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