Internet idol’s follower fiasco: Baifern busted for 10 million-baht scam at Thai mall

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Police officers today arrested 31 year old Internet idol with over 100,000 followers, in a famous Thai mall. The Internet idol Baifern, real name Monthira, was accused of defrauding more than 40 investors of over 10 million baht in a hair and nail salon business.

Police Colonel Thiti Saengsawang ordered officials, together with the PCT5 police and investigators from the San Kamphaeng Police Station, Chiang Mai, to arrest the suspect. The Internet idol was wanted under two arrest warrants.

The first, issued by the Chiang Mai Provincial Court on October 5, charged her with deceiving the public and dishonestly or fraudulently importing into a computer system computer data which was distorted or false, in whole or in part, or computer data which is false, in a manner likely to cause damage to the public. The second, issued by the same court on October 26, carried the same charges.

The arrest followed a police chase after the Internet idol was suspected of enticing investment in hair and nail salons. Over 40 victims were reportedly duped into investing more than 10 million baht. Baifern is a well-known personality, having appeared on numerous television shows, modelling gigs, and as an influencer.

Her Instagram profile boasts over 120,000 followers and her Facebook page features photos of herself with luxury cars and several well-known celebrities, adding credibility to her profile.

Earlier this year, the Internet idol began inviting people to invest in her hair and nail salon business. She offered various packages, with dividends depending on the investment amount. However, after victims believed her pitch and decided to transfer money to Baifern, she became elusive, citing her busy schedule.

Deception methods

When the time came to pay dividends, Baifern would make excuses and delay payment. By the end of June, the Internet idol claimed to victims that the company was robbed, leaving no money to pay back investors, and she disappeared, reported KhaoSod.

After the arrest, Baifern was handed over to the San Kamphaeng Police Station, Chiang Mai, for further legal proceedings. During the interrogation, the Internet idol confessed to all charges. She claimed that she had been in Bangkok for three weeks but was not hiding.

She admitted to having opened a hair and nail salon in Chiang Mai, which initially provided good income. However, the salon later struggled to find staff and attract customers. This caused financial difficulties and prevented her from paying dividends to investors.

In response to the case, Police Lieutenant Colonel Thiradet Thamsuthee warned the public about the risks of online investment. He further advised people to research or consult knowledgeable individuals before investing to avoid falling victim to scams.

He also warned online criminals that the National Police Office is constantly cracking down on online crimes. Regardless of how long it takes, offenders will be arrested.

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