Indian short film on transgender issue to be adapted for Thai audiences (video)

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Renowned Manipuri actor and filmmaker Priyakanta Laishram’s groundbreaking 2015 short film It’s Not My Choice is set to break new ground as it becomes the first Indian short film to be adapted into Thai.

This cultural milestone is set to bridge the gap between Indian and Thai cinema, promising to captivate audiences with its powerful message.

In 2015, Manipuri actor and filmmaker Priyakanta Laishram created a powerful and thought-provoking short film titled It’s Not My Choice, shedding light on transgender issues. The film not only featured Miss International Queen India 2016, Bishesh Huirem but also gained widespread acclaim and recognition at various film festivals globally.

The film became the first short film from northeast India to surpass remarkable milestones by reaching 100,000 and eventually one million views on YouTube in 2017, showcasing its profound impact on audiences.

The news of the film’s upcoming adaptation into Thai was disclosed by Thai filmmaker Tim Chaiyasing, who was deeply moved by the film’s message after attending a screening at Rajabhat University in Thailand. Tim, a budding talent in the industry, expressed his enthusiasm of bringing the powerful narrative to his native audience, citing the striking parallels between Manipuri and Thai cultures.

Tim highlighted the resemblances in traditions, lifestyles, and customs, affirming that the film deeply resonated with him and inspired his desire to adapt it into his native tongue and culture, reported East Mojo.

It’s Not My Choice narrates the poignant story of Sanathoi, a young transgender individual struggling against denial of education, mistreatment, and bullying. Despite the adversities, the film beautifully portrays Sanathoi’s journey of resilience and self-empowerment as she embraces her true identity, courageously fighting for her rights.

The film’s premiere at Jubilee Hall, Regional Institute of Medical Sciences in Imphal on September 1, 2015, marked the beginning of its impactful journey, subsequently being showcased at various universities and film festivals, garnering widespread acclaim.

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