Illegal firearm imitations uncovered in Bangkok warehouses raid

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In a recent operation conducted on November 2 by the Anti-Trafficking In Persons (ATP) officers, two warehouses located in the Suksawat area, Rat Burana, Bangkok, were thoroughly searched following a warrant from the Thonburi Criminal Court.

During the search, police made a startling discovery: the warehouses harboured an extensive stash of illegal blank guns and BB guns, totalling more than 400 units, along with an additional cache of over 780 gear items. The cumulative value of the seized items is estimated to be around 4 million baht (US$ 112,601).

Notably, these firearm imitations, considered controlled goods, were being distributed without approval from the Thai government. The stored products were intended for sale across various online platforms and local retail stores, reported The Pattaya News.

Upon the initial search, Thai law enforcement seized the disputed items and took the alleged owners of the warehouses into custody for further legal proceedings. The ATP officers have committed to a comprehensive investigation to ensure all individuals involved in this unlawful trade are held accountable for their actions.

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In related news, Police Lieutenant General Jiraphop Phuridej targeted 114 illegal firearms distributors across Thailand in an extensive nationwide crackdown.

The illegal firearms crackdown, involving over 800 officers, including a special task force known as Hanuman from the Central Investigation Bureau (CIB), came in the wake of increased online trading of illegal firearms, including modified guns, homemade guns, and blank guns.

The illegal firearms crackdown was carried out in 47 provinces, encompassing 114 targets, with the primary objective of arresting those involved in the sale, use, and illegal possession of these unlawful firearms.

Jiraphop stated that all CIB divisions were instructed to mobilise their task forces to eliminate criminal activities, with a strong focus on arresting those selling and carrying illicit firearms. To read more click HERE

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