Traffic accident: Horrific crash in torrential rain claims lives of two Burmese workers in Thailand

Photo courtesy of KhaoSod.

Two Burmese workers died when a heavy downpour led to a horrific traffic accident in Thailand. The accident, involving a car and a motorcycle, occurred near Chonprathan Road, Damnoen Saduak District, Ratchaburi Province, resulting in two fatalities at the scene.

At around 8.10pm yesterday, local police and medical staff from Damnoen Saduak Hospital rushed to the accident scene, following an alert about a fatal collision between a car and a motorcycle. On arrival, they found a white Honda car with registration plate Kor-9631 Nakhon Pathom severely damaged at the front. A few metres away, a wrecked motorcycle, a Honda Wave with registration 1 Kor-6855 Nakhon Pathom, and a damaged trolley lay abandoned.

Located 6 kilometres from the appalling site, 42 year old Thosaporn Lewbang, the driver of the Honda stood waiting for authorities. In the pitiful wreckage, victims were identified as Burmese labourers. The deceased were namely Zaw Lin and Maung, both 41 years old, who had suffered severe injuries to their heads and bodies. One of the original responding officers said…

“Preliminary enquiries revealed that the two deceased workers were returning from their place of work, a coconut processing factory, riding the motorcycle and pulling a trolley. They headed toward their accommodation located at Kok Wat intersection, about two kilometres from the accident site.”

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Unfortunately, the rain was falling heavily at that time, greatly reducing visibility. Tosaporn, driving behind them, failed to spot the motorcycle hauling a trolley. He rammed into the back of their motorcycle at high speed, causing the two men to be flung onto the road, resulting in their instantaneous death, reported KhaoSod.

Meanwhile, Tosaporn was apprehended in this unfortunate traffic accident case and taken to Damnoen Saduak police station for further questioning. He is facing charges of reckless driving resulting in death, according to local authorities.

Car crashes remain a major concern in Thailand, and a recent accident on the Ayutthaya overpass highlights the severity of the issue. The collision involving an 18-wheeler and a car resulted in a fiery blaze since the passenger car was unable to brake in time. Read more about this case HERE.

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