Fiery accident on Ayutthaya overpass leaves car ablaze after collision with 18-wheeler

Picture courtesy of KhaoSod.

A traumatic accident occurred in the early hours of this morning, as a sudden brake from an 18-wheeler led to a fiery collision on an overpass in the central Ayutthaya province. north of Bangkok. The vehicle crashing into the trailer was a passenger car unable to brake in time, resulting in an intense fire.

Upon investigation at the scene, it was found that a Mitsubishi with license plate number GO7120 from Ayutthaya suffered major damage, especially towards the front, due to the impact. The impact set the car ablaze. Bystanders were able to extinguish the fire with water. The injured driver, 29 year old Natdanai, sustained wounds around his knees and was quickly taken to Rajthani Hospital by the rescue team, reported KhaoSod.

According to Natdanai, he was returning home to the Wang Noi district when the 18-wheeler unexpectedly braked in front of him on the bridge. He was unable to stop in time, causing a collision that triggered the fire. Fortunately, a kind passerby came to his aid and helped put out the fire with water. However, the 18-wheeler involved in the accident was nowhere to be seen.

Soon afterwards, the police discovered the 18-wheeler parked on Ratchna Road, about 200 meters from the scene. Signs of impact were visible on the rear. The driver, known only as Manoch, stated that he had not fled the scene. He claimed that he halted his vehicle when he heard an unusual sound at the back, thinking something had fallen off. Unaware of the collision, he continued driving to a downhill road for inspection.

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The police, after initial findings, took the truck driver for further questioning at the Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya Police Station and will continue further investigations with Natdanai to proceed in accordance with legal consequences.

In another recent accident in Thailand, a young woman was killed in a fatal collision near Bangkok University. Read the full story HERE.

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