Hong Kong: 14 year old student arrested for attack on classmate (video)

Photo from HK01 YouTube video screenshot

In Hong Kong, a 14 year old student has been apprehended by law enforcement in Sham Shui Po district on suspicion of assault causing bodily harm.

Officials disclosed that the arrest stems from an incident that unfolded last Friday within the Cheung Sha Wan area, where a 13 year old boy fell victim to an attack by a classmate.

The victim, enduring back pain in the aftermath of the assault, underwent medical treatment at Caritas Medical Centre and is currently in stable condition. Shockingly, the altercation was captured on video, circulating swiftly across online platforms.

In the footage, the confrontation unfolds within a classroom, depicting two male students in a tense standoff amidst their peers. The taller of the two, clad in a white sports kit, executes a kick reminiscent of Thai boxing, striking his classmate forcefully in the lower back. The impact sends the victim crashing into a nearby desk before collapsing to the floor.

Despite managing to regain his footing, the victim finds himself subjected to further aggression as his assailant executes a judo-style shoulder throw, slamming him onto the ground. Adding insult to injury, the aggressor proceeds to taunt the victim, even pressing on his head mockingly.

In response to this appalling incident, the Education Bureau swiftly expressed its concern, reaching out to the school for a comprehensive account. Emphasising its zero-tolerance stance on bullying, the bureau pledged to monitor the case closely, extending support to the affected school, reported HK Dim Sum Daily.

Kowloon Technical School, the site of the altercation, has taken decisive action, promptly reporting the incident to authorities and arranging for counselling and social work services to assist the victim during this trying time.

In related news, four heartless Hong Kong teenagers sparked fury after a video surfaced, capturing their disgraceful act of splashing water and coke on an unsuspecting homeless person in a pedestrian tunnel.


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