Homeowner wins 1 million baht settlement in property dispute

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A gang involved in a property dispute has agreed to pay 1 million baht in damages to an elderly homeowner, with the payment to be made in three instalments. The Min Buri Civil Court will deliver the final judgment in the trespassing case on May 7.

At the Min Buri Civil Court today, lawyer Amnuayporn Maneevan, representing the homeowner in the property dispute, arrived with Sunsan, the grandson of the homeowner, and his wife to negotiate damage compensation in the civil case.

Amnuayporn stated that there were two matters at hand: a protection order in the criminal case and mediation in the civil case. Previously, the four defendants had denied the allegations, but today they changed their testimony to a confession.

They agreed to compensate the homeowner with 1 million baht, paying 100,000 baht today, another 400,000 baht by the end of the month, and the final 500,000 baht on May 7, the day of the final judgment.

The lawyer also mentioned that the court is investigating the defendants’ backgrounds and assessing whether full compensation has been made to the homeowner. The court will deliver a criminal judgment on May 7 which will be influenced by the extent of compensation provided to the victim’s and the defendants’ past behaviour.

During today’s discussions, even though the parties initially could not agree on the damage compensation, the opposing party eventually apologised to the homeowner and settled on the 1 million baht compensation, under the condition that they would not interfere with the property or file any more adverse possession claims.

In a related development, the rightful owner of the house, known as Agu, has begun reclaiming his property by cutting locks and replacing a sign selling chickens with another sign, reported Sanook.

Lawyer Decha, along with Agu’s grandson, revealed messages from the opposing party sent to Agu before the end of his life.

In related news, in a high-stakes legal battle, the much-anticipated verdict in the 30 million baht lottery case was delivered on February 7 at the Kanchanaburi Provincial Court.

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