Holy heartbreak: Isaan man jobless and wifeless after monk affair

The woman and her lover who is a former monk. | Photo via Channel 3

A Thai man in the Isaan province of Khon Kaen lost his job and subsequently his wife to a former monk. He demanded she discuss a divorce and financial support for their daughter, and he plans to sue her lover.

The legal husband, Ohm, shared his heartbreaking story during an interview with Channel 3. He revealed that he met his 41 year old wife in 2004 after being introduced by a friend. They built a relationship and had a daughter, who is now 13 years old, before officially marrying.

Ohm moved from his home province in Nakhon Ratchasima to live with his wife and child in Khon Kaen. He worked in a private company while his wife was an assistant to a community head. In the past four years, Ohm’s health issues forced him to quit his job and become a farmer.

According to Ohm, his wife was very busy with numerous community events due to her position. She frequently visited the temple for merit ceremonies, and locals began to gossip that she was having an affair with a 33 year-old monk.

Ohm confronted his wife about the rumours and warned her to maintain her distance from the monk. She insisted on her innocence, emphasising that she was afraid of karma and would never engage in a romantic relationship with a monk.

Sick monk

Ohm later noticed that his wife and the monk seemed very close. She offered the monk food and took care of him when he was sick.

Ohm warned his wife again, leading her to cry and confess to a close relationship with the monk. She promised to end it, and Ohm forgave her, only to see her disappear with the monk.

The monk left the monkhood and sent Ohm a picture of himself with Ohm’s wife in her car. Despite his wife’s insistence that she would break up with the monk and move to Chon Buri for work until the gossip died down, Ohm later discovered that the former monk and his wife were living together at the monk’s home.

Ohm stated that he left his wife’s home in Khon Kaen and returned to his home province of Nakhon Ratchasima. He lost his job due to health problems and has been unable to find new employment because of his age. He wants his wife to agree to a divorce and discuss financial support for their daughter.

Ohm added that he plans to take legal action against the former monk for having an affair with his wife and destroying his family.

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