Heartbreaking end: Love’s refusal triggers fatal shots to Thai man’s penis

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A Thai man refusing to accept his relationship was over was fatally shot in the stomach and penis by his ex girlfriend’s sailor friend who defended her from his vicious attack.

A rescue team and officers from Sattahip Police Station dashed to the scene in Soi Man Kaeo in the Sattahip district of Chon Buri to discover a 38 year old Thai man Chawarit Tirananon with gunshot wounds to his stomach and penis. He later died in the hospital on the same day, Saturday, July 1.

The gunman, a 48 year old Royal Thai Navy (RTN) SEAL officer named Thanonsak Pruemarporn, was arrested while his gun, a 9mm Smith & Wesson pistol was confiscated. Officers also discovered another firearm, a .380 gun, belonging to the dead man at the scene. A white Toyota pickup truck belonging to the dead Thai man’s ex-girlfriend was parked in the area with a broken window.

The deceased’s ex-girlfriend, 38 year old Sanatsada Piwita, told police that her ex boyfriend, Chawarit, tried to win her back but she refused because he was stalking and threatening her. She sought the assistance of her RTN SEAL friend, Thanongsak, who agreed to protect her from her volatile ex-partner.

On the incident day, Chawarit and his friend waited for her near her house. Sanatsada immediately called Thanongsak to come to her house because she was afraid. Before Thanongsak arrived, Chawarit had fired a couple of shots at Sanatsada’s pickup, breaking the window. He then dragged her out of her vehicle and beat her up.

According to Sanatsada, Thanonsak arrived at the scene and managed to help her. Chawarit then shot at Thanongsak twice but missed. Thanongsak then shot back at Chawarit in an attempt to protect himself. However, his gunshots struck Chawarit in his stomach and his penis leading to his death.

Initially, Thanonsak faced charges for carrying a firearm in a public place without permission. However, the police have announced that a thorough investigation will be conducted into the murder case. Following this inquiry, a decision will be made regarding the possibility of issuing a murder charge against Thanonsak.

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