Arresting attention: Handsome traffic officer’s viral photo drives social media frenzy in Thailand

Photo courtesy of งานจราจร สถานีตำรวจภูธรเมืองพิษณุโลก (Facebook).

A traffic officer’s photograph from the Facebook page of Phitsanulok City Police Station Traffic Department has gone viral, attributing its popularity to the officer’s good looks. The post, which was accompanied by a message encouraging safe driving and compliance with traffic laws, attracted numerous comments, especially from women expressing a desire to be arrested.

The flurry of queries about the officer’s shift timings led the Phitsanulok City Police Station Traffic Department to jokingly comment, “Looks like no one is going to carry a driving license anymore.”

The Facebook post shows the traffic officer performing his duties. The text alongside the image says, “Can I pull you over? As an arresting officer is fine. #Drive safely, be mindful of your fellow travellers, and follow the traffic laws. #Mindfulness #Wear a helmet #Be mindful of your fellow travelers
#Traffic police in Phitsanulok #Police Region 6 #My own superintendent is handsome and cool.

In related news, social media users worldwide have become enamoured by a Hong Kong policewoman’s beauty.

A 17-second video showing her performing her duties in uniform on the bustling streets of Tsim Sha Tsui was shared on Xiaohongshu, a Chinese social media platform often compared to Instagram.

Notable in the video were her fair complexion and her height, which is comparable to her male colleagues. The video quickly gained significant attention, being shared across various social media platforms in both Hong Kong and mainland China.

Numerous commenters gushed over her beauty, filling the comments section with remarks such as “Wow, she’s gorgeous” and “This is one beautiful sister.”

Certain social media users claim she also works as a model and serves as an auxiliary policewoman. However, some focused attention on her slightly dishevelled hair, suggesting she could tidy it up. To read the full story, click HERE.

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